Tuition Free Illinois Launch Event

Join State Representative Will Guzzardi, Chicago Student Action, Chicago Votes, Young Chicago Authors and College Democrats of Illinois for our #TuitionFreeIL campaign Launch!

Governor Rauner has a big, bold, and terrifying plan for Illinois. He wants to lower wages and benefits and bust up unions so CEOs can make bigger profits. While we Democrats have done a good job of fighting against that plan, we haven’t really offered one of our own.

In the name of developing a bold progressive agenda to move our state forward, we’re proud to announce Tuition Free Illinois. This campaign is focused on making tuition free for all in-state residents at every Illinois public university and community college. And we will do this by taxing the wealthiest individuals and the largest corporations in Illinois.

Hope to see you at our big campaign launch on 10/7 at 6:30pm! And if you’re unable to attend, please sign and share our #TuitionFreeIL petition:

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